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 New regulations about Fan Cards

From November 25th , there are new regulaions about Fan Cards. From that date Wisła Kraków will not be putting Owners Photo on a front of the Fan Card. If you have a card with a photo you can make a duplicate without it.
Home match ticket purchase rules ( from November 25th):
1. Fans who already have a Fan Card can buy tickets as usual (at Fan Zone or online at www.bilety.wisla.krakow.pl) . YOU NEED A FAN CARD AND A PROOF OF INDENTIFICATION WITH YOU WHILE ENTERING A STADIUM TO WATCH A MATCH. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET INTO THE STADIUM WITHOUT IT.
2. Fans who do not have a Fan Card (have never had or their card expired) can only buy a ticket at Fan Zone. They have to  present a valid photo ID with a personal details ( Name, Surname, PESEL number). Remember: You can only get a Fan Card by yourself.
3. Foreign Fans have to present a Valid Identification Document with personal details ( Name, Surname and Document type and document number instead of PESEL number – part 1b in a Fan Card Application). Fan Card fee is only 10zł.
4. Children under 13 years of age: A child and a parent/guardian have to be present at the time of applying for a Fan Card. A child’s PESEL number  and a proof of identity are essential. A Fan Card form has to be filled and signed by a parent/guardian. 
5. Fans between 13 and 18 years of age: They can apply  for a Fan Card on their own. They fill out a part 1a by themselfs. Part 2 has to be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian. Proof of indentification and a proof of PESEL number is essential to apply for a Fan Card.
6. Children under 6 year of age do not need a Fan Card to Enter the Stadium.
Where to apply:
To apply for a Fan Card go to Fan Zone ( below D sector) 
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 11:00-19:00
Saturday 11:00-16:00
Sunday - Closed (Opened only while Home match at Henryk Reyman Stadium)
Opening Hours may vary depending of a time of a home match.
To beat the queues we advice to apply for a Fan Card on a daym when no match is played.
If a Fan Card expires
If your Fan Card expires, come to a Fan Zone and fill out a short form to get a duplicate ( fee only 10zł).You can also make it online at www.bilety.wisla.krakow.pl ( fee only 15zł).
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