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A stadium is a place not only for playing matches. It also can be a place where you can designate a target and achieve it. It will be easier if we combine passion of our fans, experience of businessmen and we work as a team.


Wisła Kraków has prepared an co-opeartion offer for companies of all sizes and everyone who is interested joining our “Klub 1906”. You can be a small family company owner or a president in a big corporation. You can help your favourite club and become our partner. If you join our “Klub 1906” you can, for example make our stadium a place where you can meet with business partners or potential contractors. You can reward your best employees by letting them watch a match from a VIP sector. You can be known for supporting the most recognizable and most titled Polish footbal club of 21st century.  


What is Klub 1906?

Klub 1906 is an exclusive group for our supporters, who would like to be involved in a Wisła Kraków everyday existence and would like to do their business at a time.  A loyal fan wants to be a part of his club and help it anytime and everywhere. Now,  thanks to “Klub 1906 it is possible.

 And most important thing.

It doesn’t matter whether you support Wisła Kraków all your life or you became our fan just yesterday.  You don’t even have to live in Cracow, you’re welcome as long as you have a white star in your heart.


Join „Klub 1906” and you will get:

2 seats in a VIP GOLD zone for a whole Ekstraklasa season

Parking space

Right to use a dedicated Logo in a company communication (e-mails, letters, etc.)

Title of “Member of a Klub 1906”

Two Wisła Krakow official match jerseys for a current season 2016/2017

Presentation of a member’s company placed on a subpage at www.wisla.krakow.pl (Official Website) 

Priority to participate in every event organized by Wisła Kraków

Exclusive discounts from other Klub 1906 members

20% discount for a VIP GOLD zone tickets

10% discount for a VIP SILVER zone tickets

“A day in Wisła” – find out how it all works from a backstage, take a tour around our traing camp in Myslenice, see a first team training, meet the players and a coach


We can also organise a trip to an away match for all of the “Klub1906” members (for an extra charge)


Interested joining “Klub 1906” or need more informations? :


e-mail: tomasz.czwartkiewicz@wisla.krakow.pl

Phone: (+48) 724 997 994


Wisła Kraków SA press office


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