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Wisła Kraków SA Press Office

ul. Reymonta 20
30-059 Kraków
e-mail: redakcja@wisla.krakow.pl

Spokesman: Olga Tabor-Leszko

E-media: Accredito.com »


Single event accreditations
To get a Press ID for any game please register in e-media section at accredito.com and then please check the game you want to attend. Every journalist must register individually.
Requests from foreign journalists are welcomed until 12:00 CET, two days before the game. After that, registration is being automatically closed. The notification of accreditation being granted or refused shall be sent on the same day by e-mail.
Submission of an application is not equivalent to the granting of accreditation.

Check where to collect Media ID, where you can leave the park and how to get to the media tribune.

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Collecting Media ID
All Media ID are available to collect on the game day two hours before the kick-off at the Media ID collecting point. It is located on the ground floor of entrance for media to the media tribune.

Media IDs can be collected before kick-off. After the game starts, IDs are no longer issued, so we kindly ask you to arrive early to the stadium. Accreditation is valid along with any state identification document with photo.

Media representatives can leave the car in the parking lot in the front of the southern stand. If the journalist applying for accreditation would like to enter the parking lot, on the registration form on the website media.wisla.krakow.pl please select appropriate option. You'll be informed when granted the parking lot entry.

Entry: driving Al. 3 Maja from the Słowackiego Avenue, turn right behind National Museum and go straight, then turn right behind the tram stops.

The media tribune
  The media tribune is located on the western stand of the stadium. The entrance is located near the media pavilion. There are places for press journalists at level 3 while at level 4 are located TV and radio commentary boxes.

Press tribune has 83 seats with desks, 35 places without desks at level 3 and 60 seats with desks for radio and television commentators on level 4.

Media working area
  Media working area is located on the tird floor of media tribune.

Press conference room
  Press conference room is located on the first floor of the media pavilion, which is located at the corner of the stadium, between the western and southern stand.

Mixed Zone
  Mixed zone for after-game interviews is located at level -1 of the west stand. After-game interviews can't be held by the descent of the pitch (except of the TV station broadcasting the game representatives).

Photo and TV bibs
  In matches played at the Wisla Krakow stadium photographers and TV representatives are obliged to wear bibs - markers issued by the club. They can be obtained at the Media ID collecting point. In return, you must leave the Media ID, which will be returned after the match in the conference room in the media pavilion.


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