11 October 2017

  • 13:55 Bartosz: Wasted opportunities made a final result

    Wisła scored two goals but it wasn’t enough to gain points from away match against Gornik in Zabrze. Gornik’s striker – Igor Angulo scored a Hat-trick and thanks to that his team can add up another three points in the League. Jakub Bartosz scored a second goal for Wisła and extended our hopes for a better result than the defeat. Unfortunately it was the last goal for Wisła in that game. »

22 May 2017

  • 09:53 Juszczyk: I am happy that people are concerned about Wisła

    “We were in touch with redactor Sebastian Staszewski. He didn’t want to tell me a subject he would like to talk about with president Marzena Sarapata. He has told that that it’s a case that may be interesting for Ms Sarapata” – said our spokesman Damian Juszczyk at the press conference. Because the case is interesting also for fans, the club decided to refer to these speculations. »
  • 09:48 Ramirez: This club will never give up

    Kiko Ramirez has slowly recovered after the bizarre match on Wednesday and announces that his players will come to the next match professionally. Our coach believes that Wisła still can finish in fifth place at the end of the season. »
  • 09:37 Małecki: We want to beat Pogoń

    Patryk Małecki – our fans favourite player was present at the press conference prior Saturday’s match against Pogoń Szczecin. He assured that himself and his teammates are ready to win. »

1 May 2017

  • 23:45 Spicić: It's good that defeat came now

    A match against Gornik Leczna was surely an exceptional for Matija Spicić. A Croatian defender had to wait a long time for a debut in Ekstraklasa and the day has finally came but the match result wasn’t good. Spicic was playing for a suspended Maciej Sadlok. He really wanted to show his best for fans. “ Of course we’re angry we didn’t get a good result. We really wanted to win, and we’re always sorry for every game we’re losing.  »
  • 23:34 On loan: Stal without Drzazga, Wisła with no points.

    From 2:0 to 3:3, a fear of being relegated to the third division, Catch up from November, and only one match won – that’s how our players on loan played last week. It wasn’t a good weekend for our loaned players. Jakub Mordec was the only one who won a match with his current team. »

23 March 2017

7 November 2016

  • 15:09 Krzysztof Mączyński has been called up for a national squad

    Krzysztof Mączyński has been called up for a national squad to play against Romania in a World Cup Qualifications and friendly match with Slovenia. The match against Romania will be played In Bucarest on November 11th at 21.45.   »
  • 13:12 Special offer for VIPs

      Wisła Kraków has prepared a special offer for customers, who would like to watch 4 remaining matches in a most comfortable and luxurious conditions. »

3 October 2016

  • 11:16 Wdowczyk: Wins are the most important

    Wisła is on a winning path again. The team got 4 points in the last two games, although they were playing with the runners-up from a last season. They also won in a Polish Cup, where they beat Chojniczanka Chojnice after Rafał Boguski and Krzysztof Mączyński scored. “ I would like to believe, that we will remain on a winning path. Of course there were quite a few faults in our game, but it is important that we win. I conclude that our condition is raising up. We still occupy the last place in a league, but I think, that every single point raises our morale and builds up the players confidence. I can see that everyone wants to rebound. I am optimistic when I look into the future” –Dariusz Wdowczyk summed up recent weeks. »

4 August 2014

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