19 April 2018

  • 13:00 Be ‘en garde’ for Legia!

    The championship round has already started and the White Star players don’t slow down. During the Wednesday training, that prepares the team for the game against Legia, on Joan Carrillo players’ faces could be seen great commitment and concentration. »

18 April 2018

  • 14:03 Bartkowski: Unsatisfying draw

    Wisła Kraków drew 2-2 with their namesake team from Płock. The White Star took the lead twice but a goal by Alan Uryga and an own goal of Tomasz Cywka imposed them to gain the three points. Jakub Bartkowski, author of the first goal, regrets on such a course of action. »
  • 12:30 Mitrovic: We lost control of the match

    The White Star team did not manage to win in Płock and came back to the capital of Małopolska not entirely satisfied. After the game, Nikola Mitrović said that the team should have guaranteed the three points already in the first 45 minutes. »
  • 10:07 Palcic: We should have scored the third goal in the first half

    The encounter of the Lotto Ekstraklasa between Wisła Kraków and Wisła Płock ended in a draw 2-2. Matej Palcić, who once again played the whole 90 minutes, regrets that they did not manage to take the three points. »

17 April 2018

  • 16:19 Wisła Płock - Wisła Kraków: Highlights

    They say that all beginnings are hard and that is what our team experienced in their first game of the championship round against Wisła Płock. In the derby of the Polish longest river, none of the sides was able to tip the balance and the points had to be shared. Goals for Wisła Kraków were scored by Jakub Bartkowski and Tibor Halilović. Have a look at the highlights of this game. »
  • 15:40 Wisła Płock 2-2 Wisła Kraków: one point for each side

    In the first encounter of the championship round, Wisła Kraków drew 2:2 with Wisła Płock. Goals for our team were scored by Jakub Bartkowki and Tibor Halilović, whereas goals by Alan Uryga and Tomasz Cywka, who put the ball in his own net, assured one point for Wisła Płock.   »

16 April 2018

  • 21:38 Carrillo: It is a pity that we did not manage to gain three points

    After an intense and competitive game of the Lotto Ekstraklasa league, the White Star drew 2:2 with Wisła Płock. The team from Kraków can add one point to the points already accumulated and currently is occupying the eight position. »
  • 10:00 VIP tickets for the match against Legia on sale

    The White Star team is about to start the battle in the championship round of the Lotto Ekstraklasa! The first rival to face is Legia Warszawa that is coming to the Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium on Sunday 22nd April. If you wish to watch this thrilling encounter in comfortable environment, tickets sales have just begun. »
  • 10:00 Tickets for the match against Legia!

    It is the third time this season Wisła Kraków plays against Legia Warszawa, but this time the encounter that has always electrified football fans will cause even more emotions, as the top football league in Poland has entered the critical stage. Tickets for this match, that takes place on April 22nd at 18:00 on the Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium, have already gone on sale! »

10 April 2018

8 April 2018

  • 12:52 Boguski: We did not manage to break the Sandecja wall

    Wisła Kraków ended the regular season of the Lotto Ekstraklasa with a scoreless draw against Sandecja Nowy Sącz. After two games, Rafał Boguski came back to the line-up and put the captain’s armband on. »
  • 09:19 Carrillo: First goal achieved

    Wisła Kraków drew 0:0 with Sandecja Nowy Sącz in Nieciecza on the last matchday of the regular season of the Lotto Ekstraklasa. The White Star team finished seventh in the league and that gives them right to continue the battle in the championship round. »
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