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Wisła FAQ

Published: 01-07-2009 15:34

Frequently asked questions and answers

What documents do I need to buy a ticket?
You must present an identity card with a photograph.

What documents do I have to have on me when entering the Wisła stadium?
According to the Polish law you must have an identity card for possible control by the law enforcement services or police.

How can I apply for a chip card?
You must fill in and submit an application for a Fan Card. A relevant notice is available in the Fan Zone. You can also get the relevant application there.

Where and when can I get the ticket?
Tickets in pre-sale are always available in the Fan Zone (in the north-east corner).

Who can see the match free of charge?
Free admission is available for children aged below 6 years, based on a relevant document confirming a child's age.

Who can get a discount?
•    women
•    child and teenage pupils
•    students aged under 26

To claim their discount, pupils and students need to produce a valid pupil/student card both at the ticket office and at the entrance to the stadium. Discounts cannot be combined.

Where can I get additional information about the tickets?
At Wiślacki Świat shop at (0-12) 623 95 95 or bilety@wisla.krakow.pl.

What cannot be brought in the Wisła stadium during the match?
Pursuant to the Act on Mass Events Safety (Journal of Laws of 1997, No. 106, item 680, Art. 14, sect.2)-weapon, dangerous tools (devices), explosives, pyrotechnical materials, combustive materials, alcoholic beverages, intoxicating and psychotropic substances cannot be brought in.

Can I go to another sector during the match?

Where can I get Wisła Kraków souvenirs?

Original football souvenirs of Wisła Kraków SA can be bought at Wiślacki Świat shop or in the club’s online shop.
During the match souvenirs are available at stands next to access ways to all sectors. Next to entrance to sector B the Wiślacki Świat shop is open during the match.

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