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Bartosz: Wasted opportunities made a final result

Published: 11-10-2017 13:55

Wisła scored two goals but it wasn’t enough to gain points from away match against Gornik in Zabrze. Gornik’s striker – Igor Angulo scored a Hat-trick and thanks to that his team can add up another three points in the League. Jakub Bartosz scored a second goal for Wisła and extended our hopes for a better result than the defeat. Unfortunately it was the last goal for Wisła in that game.

Fot. Przemek Marczewski Fot. Przemek Marczewski

“I think that we wasted too many chances in this match, we were ineffective and that’s why we have lost”. – Jakub answered to a question about the final result.

Good substitution

Despite the fact, that we have lost a game, we have to appreciate Jakub’s performance, who entered the field only for the last 20 minutes, but he gave the team a second breath, he was very active and finally scored a goal. But he doesn’t think that way : “Only team is what counts. I’m not going to celebrate the fact that I scored a goal when it didn’t help our team to get points. There’s no reason to be happy about it.”

Angulo show

Gornik’s coach can be really happy about the final result. His player, Igor Angulo stole the show after he scored three goals. “We knew he is a good player. We were told to pay him an extra attention, but he was unstoppable in this game”. – 21 year old player said.

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