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First half for Wisła, the second one for Jaga. Wisła 2-2 Jagiellonia

Published: 10-12-2018 14:30

After 28 days, Wisła Kraków played another match at the Reymonta Stadium. Maciej Stolarczyk’s men, in spite of problems that had arisen around the club, started the game fully motivated looking to make up for the last two defeats. In the same time, Jagiellonia wanted to come back to the second place in the league. 

Przemek Marczewski Przemek Marczewski

The match was expected to be thrilling and the course of the game couldn’t have let down anyone. Only the result could have been better. Both goals for Wisła were scored by Marko Kolar and Mateusz Lis, who showed very good form, was beaten by Marko Poletanović and Cilian Sheridan.      

That’s what the coach said at the post-match press conference:
On the match…
We saw a good spectacle at the stadium as it was a match where both teams wanted to win. It is obvious that Jagiellonia is a good team and they proved it, especially in the second half. We appreciate this one point because the match could have shifted in a different direction. My players deserve respect for the heart they throwed on the pitch. 
On Rafał Boguski…
Rafał suffered an injury during the training. We are waiting for the diagnosis. It is a muscle injury and we will know more about it this week. However, it is possible that he won't play this year anymore. That’s footballer’s life – absences or yellow cards are normal and we are prepared for such situations.                  
Wisła Kraków 2-2 Jagiellonia Białystok
1-0 Kolar 18’
2-0 Kolar 36’
2-1 Poletanović 61’ 
2-2 Sheridan 68’
Wisła: Lis - Bartkowski, Wasilewski, Arsenić, Pietrzak - Plewka (75’ Halilović), Basha, Kort (84’ Brożek) - Kolar, Ondrášek, Košťál (70’ Bartosz)
Jagiellonia: Kelemen - Frankowski, Klemenz, Mitrović, Guilherme - Poletanović (88’ Machaj), Romanczuk, Pospíšil (78’ Kwiecień) - Novikovas, Sheridan, Świderski (90+4’ Klimala)
Yellow cards: Kort, Ondrášek - Pospíšil, Klemenz
Referee: Tomasz Kwiatkowski (from Warsaw)
Attendance: 13 811

Wisła Kraków Press Office

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