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Głowacki: We have a grudge

Published: 11-10-2017 14:00

Wisła Kraków was defeated by Gornik Zabrze in the most interesting game of this week in Polish League. The final score was 3:2. Our team was plunged by Igor Angulo, who scored three goals.

Fot. Przemek Marczewski Fot. Przemek Marczewski

Our team captain summed up the game: ” The fact that Angulo beat Julian Cuesta three times, was caused by our faults. It’s clear that he has a really good left foot and know how to play in the air, but we gave him a chance to score the goals. It shouldn’t be like that.  Górnik is prepared well for that season, they know exactly how they want to play. We knew that they can take advantage of opponent’s mistakes, but still we were making them. That’s why they scored three goals.

To learn a lesson

Our players analyzed the way our opponents play, but it wasn’t enough to stop them.
“In today’s match, Górnik has scored goals in a bit different way than in previous matches. We made couple mistakes, and Angulo made benefit from them. We have a grudge about it. We couldn’t make a few good passes in a row in the first half or make a chances to score a goal. But we have to stay positive, we have more challenges coming. – said our Captain.

Our players were trying to create a chance by sending a long balls to forwards. Especialy in the first half. “ We had an assumption, to prevent Górnik’s players of taking the ball over in the middle zone. We knew they want to play like that. But out game wasn’t effective. Obviously, our players, who play in the team for a long time, they have got their habits from a past years when we had different style of creating chances, but we have different guidelines right now and we have to fulfill them – Głowacki explained.

Faith to the end

Our captain appreciated opponents’ class. “We knew the style of Gornik’s playing. We knew that they will be waiting for our mistakes and a chance to take the ball over in the middle zone. We have to compliment them. Their coach had a plan for that match and they made it perfectly. Even when the result was 3:1, we still had a hope that we can at least draw this game. We started to play quicker in the middle zone, we started to play through balls to our strikers, we had some chances to score a goal. We wanted so much but it wasn’t our day.”

Obviously, we were waiting for a comment about last week situation ( Informations about a company interested in buying Wisła Krakow)
“We were laughing about all speculations. We have seen a lot in this club and all I can tell is that I am really happy it’s all settled now and we can focus on the most important thing, which is playing football.” – Głowacki summed up.

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