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Juszczyk: I am happy that people are concerned about Wisła

Published: 22-05-2017 09:53

“We were in touch with redactor Sebastian Staszewski. He didn’t want to tell me a subject he would like to talk about with president Marzena Sarapata. He has told that that it’s a case that may be interesting for Ms Sarapata” – said our spokesman Damian Juszczyk at the press conference. Because the case is interesting also for fans, the club decided to refer to these speculations.

Fot. Przemek Marczewski Fot. Przemek Marczewski

“As the club Wisła Kraków, we can assure that the bad times, where journalists had to focus only on our and our players’ financial problems, are gone. It is interesting that the best point of view to estimate our financial condition is placed in Warsaw and yet you are locally closer to the club – our spokesman summed up the situation, speaking to the journalists who were present at the press conference.

 „I am really happy that all media nationwide are concerned about Wisła. It only shows that we are significant player in the league.” Paweł Pawłowski, the journalist of RMF FM radio was trying to amplify the subject. “Our statement is known, We would like to thank you all for the presence and we hope to see you more often, but not only by the way of that type of informations” – our spokesman smiled.

Wisła's Kraków Press Office

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