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Miedź Legnica 2-0 Wisła Kraków

Published: 03-12-2018 14:49

For the first time in the Lotto Ekstraklasa, Wisła Kraków travelled to Legnica to confront there the team of Miedź. Last time, the match between these two teams ended in a 2-1 win to Wisła Kraków. However, on Saturday the White Star team had to admit the rival was stronger. Maciej Stolarczyk’s men lost 0-2, after a goal from Henrik Ojamaa and an own goal from Maciej Sadlok.

Przemek Marczewski Przemek Marczewski


Before this match, Miedź, that haven’t managed to win last nine matches, were at the bottom of the league table. Wisła wanted to get back on the track after the defeat in Gdynia. In comparison to Wisła’s last encounter, Maciej Stolarczyk made three modifications: Patryk Plewka replaced Dawid Kort, Jakub Bartkowski played in place of Matej Palčič and Zoran Arsenić replaced Marcin Wasilewski.  
That’s what the coach said at the post-match press conference:
On the match…
I think the match didn’t work out in a good way because only after a couple of minutes, we were losing 0-2. We couldn’t have passed through the well-organised Miedź’s defense. In this case, I can only congratulate our opponents.
On Patryk Plewka…
Patryk did the tasks he was entrusted with. I think that’s one of the positives of the match. He had looked well on the trainings and that’s why we decided on this line-up. Dawid Kort was going to enter the pitch later, being the player that could change the course of the game.    
Miedź Legnica 2-0 Wisła Kraków
1-0 Ojamaa 2’ 
2-0 Sadlok 12’ (og)
Miedź: Kanibołocki - Bartczak, Osyra, Miljković, Zieliński - Fernandez (89’ Garguła), Purzycki, Camara, Ojamaa (79’ Szczepaniak) - Forsell - Piątkowski (85’ Piasecki)
Wisła: Lis - Bartkowski, Arsenić, Sadlok, Pietrzak - Halilović (60’ Kort), Plewka - Boguski (81’ Bartosz), Imaz, Košťál (66’ Kolar) - Ondrášek 
Referee: Łukasz Szczech (from Kobyłka) 
Wisła Kraków Press Office 

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