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Ramirez: This club will never give up

Published: 22-05-2017 09:48

Kiko Ramirez has slowly recovered after the bizarre match on Wednesday and announces that his players will come to the next match professionally. Our coach believes that Wisła still can finish in fifth place at the end of the season.

Fot. Przemek Marczewski Fot. Przemek Marczewski

The dust after the war in Kielce has settled down. Now everyone’s focused on a Saturday match, which will be important in a context of table layout. The training staff admits there was a nervous atmosphere in Wisla’s cloakroom. “Indeed, there was a  lot of emotions, but I am happy about how we played and already said it to my players. There was too much coincidence in a last match but I hope there will be none in the next one and we are going to see a good match.” – Our coach doesn’t believe in a conspiracy theory. “ I believe it was a coincidence and some faults, but nothing more and I ask my players to think the same way about it. I want them to be focused on a game and show us the best side of them.  The same things happen in Spain as well.”

Our coach suggested that VAR system could be a solution for that type of referee’s mistakes.
“I am a proponent of this solution. Tennis is the best example of how new systems can help make the game fair and free of most of mistakes. Football generates a lot of money and a lot of emotions. VAR system could help us to avoid unnecessary stress”  
The players are convincing that the last match hasn’t changed their attitude and morale.
"I can assure that the team will never give up and we will be fighting for a championship! To the end! For the sake of respect to the club history and our fans" – says Kiko Ramirez.
On Saturday the hosts will face not only the opponents but also a couple different problems.
“Maciej Sadlok and Mateusz Zachara will not be able to play against Pogoń, we are not 100% sure Paweł Brożek will be ready as well. If Paweł can’t play we have some players to replace him, for example Rafał Boguski or Patryk Małecki. They can play as forwards.”
Otherwise The White Star will face the former coach at the same time the Club legend – Kazimierz Moskal. He will be double motivated to gain three points in Krakow. “Well, Wisła is a club with a great history. I know that Kazimierz Moskal is a part of that history, but that is a beauty of footbal, that sometimes, you have to face the club you love and play against it. For example Patryk Małecki used to play in Pogoń, and now he will be playing against them, so he knows the best how it tastes – noted Kiko Ramirez, who will try to win his first match in master group. 

Wisła's Kraków Press Office

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