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Spicić: It's good that defeat came now

Published: 01-05-2017 23:45

A match against Gornik Leczna was surely an exceptional for Matija Spicić. A Croatian defender had to wait a long time for a debut in Ekstraklasa and the day has finally came but the match result wasn’t good. Spicic was playing for a suspended Maciej Sadlok. He really wanted to show his best for fans. “ Of course we’re angry we didn’t get a good result. We really wanted to win, and we’re always sorry for every game we’re losing. 

Fot. Przemek Marczewski Fot. Przemek Marczewski

Not enough fight
Our left back has noticed, that his teammates was struggling with finding a rhythm. “ We have started in a wrong way – we had problems from a beginning. We tried to play long balls too often and the distance between our players was too long. We didn’t play aggressive enough and we couldn’t change it” – says Spicić.
It could be caused by a fact that Wisla had a safe place in Master Group. "It is possible that we have lost that match in our minds. Maybe we were to relaxed? But I think that it’s good the defeat came now, not in Master Group."

His First Time
It was a special game for a Croatian player. He didn’t play an important match in a while. “The last time I played in an official game was in Dinamo. I don’t want to estimate my performance. It is really hard to be in perfect condition when you’re not playing every week. I was feeling fine on a pitch thanks to the friendly matches I have played.”
At the end we asked our player about Wisla’s future. He didn’t want to declare anything, but he promised the team will be fighting to get 3 points in every match.” We will be playing a very interesting games right now. Every single one will be like a derby match. From now on we forget about Lublin, and we focus on next opponents.
Interviewed Michał Hardek
Press Office of Wisła Kraków SA

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