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Wisła welcomes Jovanić

Published: 15-06-2010 13:22

Milan Jovanić has signed a five-year contract with Wisła. The 24 year-old Serbian goalkeeper was born on 31st July 1985 in Novi Sad. He is 188 cm tall and weighs 81 kg. Milan Jovanić is a former player of FK Veternik and Obilić Belgrad. He spent the 2005-2006 season in Perth Glory in Australia, but played only once in the first eleven.

Photo. Maks Michalczak Photo. Maks Michalczak

After he returned from Australia, Milan Jovanić spent 3 years in FK Novi Sad. He left to join FK Spartak Zlatibor Voda in 2009, which was ranked 4th in the Serbian premier league and qualified to the European League. Jovanić was then named as the discovery of the Serbian league.

The new Wisła player also debuted in the Serbian national team. On April 7th 2010, he had his 5 minutes in a friendly match against Japan, with Serbs winning 3:0.

„I have a five-year contract with Wisła, which I am very proud of. When I’ve learned that Wisła intends to sign me in, I’ve made up my mind instantly. Within the past few years, Wisła is a 7-time Champion of Poland, which is quite an achievement.  I want to train hard so that you’re proud of your new addition to the team.” – he declared.

Will Milan Jovanić become Wisła’s number one player? The new goalkeeper responses: „I don't know. I intend to train and press hard, and the time will show whether that’s realistic".

Wisła Kraków SA Press Office

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