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Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium
20 Reymonta Street
30-059 Cracow

Currently, fans can be seated in sectors A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H as well as in the VIP stand of Wisła’s stadium. Tickets for all sectors, aside from the VIP box, are freely available for purchase prior to each match. All of the stadium’s sectors are equipped with seats and covered by a roof. A separately allocated sectors, G4 and G5, are made available to the fans of the visiting team.

The entrance to sectors A, B C and  VIP can be found on ul. Reymonta. Sectors D and E can be accessed from ul. Reymana. Furthermore, sectors F, G and H can be accessed from al. 3 Maja.

The layout of each sector can be found on the map.

Stand A: 2503
Stand B: 2122
Stand C: 5798
Stand D: 1857
Stand E: 8783
Stand F: 1854
Stand G: 5451 (including sector for fans of the visiting team G4 i G5 – 2043 seats)
Stand H: 2512

Total capacity (including VIP seats): 32804

Floodlights: 2000 lx
Field dimensions: 105 m x 72 m

How to get to the stadium?

By a car:

•    From A4 Motorway: at Ofiar Katynia Roundabout (beside Makro cash&carry) turn right into Armii Krajowej Street to junction with Piastowska street turn right and then left into Reymonta street.

•    From Old Town: Krowoderska street into Trzech Wieszczow avenue then turn left and right into Reymonta street

•    From Nowa Huta: driving through Lublańska street turn left into 29 Listopada Avenue then straight ahead up to Trzech Wieszczow Avenue.At the junction with Reymonta street turn right

•    From Wieliczka:Wielicka street, then straight ahead to Kamienskiego street. Straight Ahead at Matecznego roundabout to Konopnicka street. Then straight through Debnicki brigde into Trzech Wieszczow Avenue. Turn right at a junction with Reymonta street.

•    From Zakopane:Through Zakopianska street into Wadowicka street. At Matecznego roundabout turn left into Konopnicka street. Through Debnicki bridge. At junction with Reymonta street turn left

By a tram

•    Line number 20 to "Reymana" stop (3 Maja avenue) G sectors entrance

By a bus:

•    Lines number 139, 144, 159, 173, 194, 208, 601, 618 to "Kawiory" stop. Then trough Miechowska street to Reymonta street to reach the Stadium

•    From John Paul II Airport in Balice take a bus number 208 to "Kawiory" stop

2.   Parking beside a stadium

•    From 3 Maja Avenue beside Krakow Meadows (G sectors, passage to E sectors through Reymana street)

•    Paid Car Park next to TS Wisła sports hall

•    Paid Car Park beside C sectors from Reymonta street

•    Parkings at Reymonta street (Campus Area)

•    Underground Parking beside National Museum

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