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Season pass

We’re coming back! Season Pass tickets for a “spring” round are back in sale from 11th february. Buy one and watch all Wisla home matches in both “spring” and final round. Don’t miss the wonderful emotions. The supporters are the strength of this club! Build the powerful Wisla with us!

Prices starts from 105zl (discounted) and 165zł (standard).

Sale starts from 11th February. Season pass tickets can be bought at our FAN ZONE or via our website www.bilety.wisla.krakow.pl

Still you can use your KKR3+ to buy discounted pass:

Kids up to 12 years of age – 8zł (spring round)

Fans between 13 – 24 years of age – 40zł (spring round)

Guardians have a right to buy the discounted pass



Who is entitled for a dicsounted price?


Children and youth who attends to school

Students up to 26 years of age

Seniors above 65 years of age

Children, youth attending to school and students have to display a valid school card while buing a ticket/pass and while attending a match. Discounts can not be combined.

Remember! You need a valid FAN CARD to buy tickets and passes!

You can apply for one HERE!

Thanks to LYONESS, our new FAN CARD allows you to join a CASHBACK PROGRAM and get 8% refund of Pass price! In addition Wisla Krakow will get 1% of every transaction you will make, to support transfer funds! But it’s not all! With every purchase you will get SHOPPING POINTS, which you can use at cashback.wisla.krakow.pl


Don’t wait! Get yourself a new FAN CARD and buy your pass today!


Let’s build the R22 Stronghold together!


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